Screen Acting 101

December 2019


    At Screen Acting 101 workshop participants will learn in 5-days the methods of acting techniques, character building, scene performance and analysis selected film scripts. The workshop consists of two means of study; workshop sessions to develop acting/ character building skills, and scene work to provide actual practice in working with scripts.

    Day 1
    1. Understanding the nature of acting
    2. The Method vs. the classical style (inside-out vs. outside-in technique).
    3. Relaxation: body and mind relaxation and their importance to the actor.
    4. Observation and; concentration.
    5. Acting as “a way of life”. Character Building
    Day 2
    1. Techniques of developing actor’s mental, physical, and vocal instruments.
    2. Body Work: exploring the body to help actors integrate mind and body and prevent” talking heads.
    3. Sensory Monologue: learning to speak clearly and communicate through deep and unexpected emotion.
    4. Sensory recall
    5. Exploring sensations, people, places, tastes, smells, music, and objects.
    6. Effective memory vs sensory memory
    Day 3
    1. Scene work/analysis.
    2. Sensory specific scene work: working on short scenes that call for strong sensory elements; incorporate elements sensory into scene work.
    3. Need Exercises: learning to bring up a strong emotional need by using sensory projections techniques.
    4. Create Objectives, and find appropriate Actions and locate Transitions.
    Days 4 and 5
    1. In-depth practice and Final Scene Presentation & Filming
    2. During the last sessions of the workshop, everything learned so far will be further developed; a big variety of characters and scenes will be put into practice using scenes from renowned films or created/adapted by the participants to better suit their needs.