Jewelry Making

December 2019


    The goal of this 5-day workshop is to provide the knowledge and tools required to design and make jewelry pieces using basic and traditional jewelry making techniques such as sawing, filing, forming and texturing, allowing designers to be more creative in design and adaptable in implementation.

    Day 1
    Lesson plan for the workshop.
    Go over safety tips of using the equipment.
    Learn how to use the frame saw.
    Learn how to attach the copper/brass sheet on the pin.
    Start cutting the desired pattern using the saw.

    Day 2
    Use the drill to cut details of desired pattern.
    Continue working on first pattern from day 1.
    One-on-one sessions throughout the process.

    Day 3
    Start the new pattern

    Day 4
    Continue working on patterns

    Day 5
    Finish final pattern
    Go over bending techniques
    Finish and polish final item