Ithra Creativity Season

Tanween is the largest creativity platform in the Kingdom which hosts a 17-day event filled with inspirational talks, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and festivities for all ages and interests. The event brings world-class speakers, specialists and innovators from all over the globe and gathers them at Ithra, strengthening the Center’s position as a creative and cultural destination.

Every year, Tanween takes on a different theme to be explored through the mediums of art, music, film, theatre, science, literature, cultural heritage, and entrepreneurship. In 2019, the season will provide us the opportunity to see and try things in a new way, as we “PLAY”. You will explore more, discover more, and learn more! The focus of TANWEEN is to explore the impact of play through products, processes, emergence, and places of play. You will discover the untapped potential that can emerge from a playful approach to science, manufacturing, and communicating. This year’s creative season will allow us to recognize Play as a critical ingredient to creative thinking and innovative production.

Play Process

How will adding a little more play into your life change how you do things and how you live your life? In this track, you will play to develop imagination, dexterity, physical, and emotional strength.

The processes of play and being playful can be a vital tool in your development; it can strengthen you and broaden your creative horizons.

Play Products

Meet the toymakers or become a toymaker! From the hand-crafted instrument to the latest in haptic gaming, people are creating products and experiences for others to play and create with. Discover games from across the world and see how different cultures play and how whole new worlds and cultures are being built in the virtual play space.

Emergent Play

Complex situations emerge from simple rules. Inspired by the power of play to encourage emergent behavior scientists are now designing Artificial Intelligence to learn about the world and adapt to it through “Play.”

Play allows you to develop previously unexplored behaviours to learn new skills, gain new perspectives and overcome challenges.

Play Spaces

Where will you play? In the park, the office, the street, a virtual world, on a stage, or at the World Cup. Will it be in front of thousands or in your own imagination? The way we make our environment will encourage and enhance play and in turn, enhance our social cohesion across cultures, generations, and communities.

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