Creativity at play

October 10 - 26


What’s on

Fikr 17

02 - 05 December, 2019


13 - 14 December, 2019
07:00 PM - 08:10 PM
English, Arabic
SAR 100

Fashion Draping

16 - 20 December, 2019
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
SAR 450

About Tanween

Tanween is the largest creativity platform in the Kingdom which hosts which is a 17-day event filled with inspirational talks, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and festivities for all ages and interests. The event brings world-class speakers, specialists and innovators from all over the globe and gathers them at Ithra, strengthening the Center’s position as a creative and cultural destination.


News & Articles

Ithra at “Dubai Design Week”

18 November 2019

Memorable Moments

10 October 2019

Tanween Workshops

10 October 2019

Ready to Play?

10 October 2019

Innovation - An (Artificial) Intelligence Playground

We live in an ever-changing world grappling with a perpetual struggle to constantly reinvent itself. Machines seem to be taking control of our lives. Industries are being disrupted and transformed by technology. How will our worlds merge – as the virtual and tangible planes intersect?
10 October 2019

Enlightenment in Total Darkness

“blindness is an unfortunate handicap, but true vision does not require the eyes.”
10 October 2019

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